‘‘Airtender's philosophy is not an empty promise’’

Harold Hamersma, the most famous Dutch wine writer and taster of thousands of wines (every year!) has put the Wine Aerator and Wine Saver to the test.

First of all: how did you come across Airtender?

“Airtender is company that specializes in the use of air and vacuum. Including for enhancing and preserving the aromas and flavours of wine. And, since it is a 100% Dutch company, it was only a matter of time before we would meet.

Naturally, we had to try the Wine Aerator and Saver with professional tasters and casual wine enthusiasts. Maximum Taste, Minimum Waste is their philosophy. And we soon realised that’s not an empty promise."

What were your experiences?

“To be fair: there was quite a bit of scepticism. But during the session, just as fair, we were immediately impressed. Not only because the products are made from recycled and sustainable materials. Or made in a CO2-friendly factory in our own Dutch Friesland and assembled by people with disabilities. No, simply because the aerator and the vacuum pump work.”

Please do tell!

“The Aerator immediately made the aroma and taste of regular and premium wines present better. 'Super!’ was the response of a leading Bordeaux producer. And, thanks to the vacuum pump, the wine in the opened bottle kept its smell and flavour for much longer. Without using any gas or additives. Using vacuum and air this way is practically like having control over time.”

Image credit: Rob van Dam

Who is Harold Hamersma?

Harold Hamersma is the most famous wine writer in the Netherlands and founder of De Grote Hamersma. Every year, thousands of wines are graded for De Grote Hamersma, which is used by leading wine retailers in The Netherlands. www.degrotehamersma.nl


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