Introducing Airtender ambassador Robert Schinkel

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Robert Schinkel, a Dutch bartender and tea sommelier, is a true flavor pioneer. He has travelled around the world for over a decade to get inspired and share his passion and expertise. 

As a winner of numerous national and international cocktail competitions, he knows like no other how taste is influenced by different factors and elements. That is why he got instantly excited when we got in touch and presented the Airtender to him.

"I know from experience that both air and air pressure have a profound effect on taste, smell and texture. Both can advance the preparation and sustainability of drinks by huge leaps. And even with all of the current knowledge and experience, there is still so much to explore and discover about the element of air.

I'm looking forward to working with the Airtender and develop many more applications for the bar profession."

At Airtender, we are proud and honored to get the opportunity to work with Robert to explore and expand the world of AIR.

Stay posted on recipes, techniques and inspiration that Robert will share with Airtender, like the recipe for this delicious cocktail.

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