Layering cocktails like a pro

Create and serve stunning, professional layered cocktails? Not a problem with the Precision Aerator.

Any bartender will tell you that layered cocktails take lots of expertise and effort to create, unless you use the Precision Aerator and keep a few basic rules in mind. Just follow the step-by-step-instructions and you'll be impressing everyone in no time. 


Step 1

Select and prepare your ingredients.

Whatever you do, always keep in mind that the cocktail layers are created by using liquids that have a weight difference. Lighter layers will float on top of heavier ones.

Create your own unique combinations. Use the table at the bottom of this page to see if the layers will stack. 

Layering Cocktails Step1 

Step 2

Pour the first layer.

Again, start with the heaviest liquid. Usually that will be the one with the most sugar content. You can check the weight differences with table at the bottom. A minimum difference of 0.02 will get you the best results. 

 Layering Cocktails Step 2

Step 3

Set the Airtender® to AIR mode 1 and activate. Don't worry, the Aerator will not start until you take the next step.

 Layering Cocktails Step 3

Step 4

Pour the remaining layers.

Activate the Precision Aerator by closing the control valve on top. Pour the liquids layer by layer against the Aerator tube. The liquid will foam when it reaches the microfilter and gently land on top of the layer below. 

Keep the Precision Aerator above the layer while pouring to get the best possible result.

Layering Cocktails Step 4

Density Table

This table was compiled by the Airtender® Airistas, for you to easily select your ingredients for the perfect layered cocktail. Enjoy and be sure to share your best creations with us!

Cocktail Layering Table
Cocktails Layering Precision Aerator

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