This way you'll always eat fruit "on demand"

It is more important than ever to eat healthily.

But a candy bar or biscuit is easier to grab than a fresh fruit snack, right? Wrong! These tips ensure that you will never run out of healthy snacks :)

There is nothing better than fresh fruit, but that is not always possible. For the best alternative you can opt for vacuum preserving fruit. It is easy, cheap and actually the best way to extend the shelf life of fresh (and sweet!) food.

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It is one of the biggest sins there is: buying pre-packaged cut fruit. Buying fruit. It is easy, but not cheap and certainly not sustainable. 

But a big advantage is that you do not have to prepare the fruit or add ingredients like sugar. It is simply the best way to enjoy fruit all the time, fresh out of the hand, in cereal or yoghurt, for baking - or in a smoothie!

Of course, there are guidelines for storing just about any kind of fruit. The most critical elements to take into account are moisture and oxygen, as these cause the fruit to age.

Step 1

Wash and dry the fruit thoroughly. Remove the skin and all damage such as scratches and dents.

Step 2

Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. Finally, dry the fruit again, for example with kitchen paper, to dab up as much moisture as possible.

Step 3

Put the fruit in a clean canning jar. And perforate the lid with the Nanostopper set for jars. Place the Nanostopper in the hole and vacuum the jar. 

Your fruit is now fresh for longer in a sustainable way! 

Of course, every type fruit is different, so here are some specific tips and remarks:

  • Apples: As a rule of thumb, the sweeter the apple, the better it keeps. If you want to prepare a large quantity, you can prevent discolouration by using some lemon juice or immersing the apples in salt water.
  • Bananas, kiwis, pineapples and mangoes: Always peel and slice rather than keep whole. 
  • Citrus fruit: The best results are achieved by keeping the peel and juice separate. 
  • Stone fruits (Peaches, plums, etc.): Always peel and remove the stone. Apricots and cherries don't need to be peeled, only stoned.
  • Melons: Cantaloupe and Galia melons keep well. 


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