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Do not forget to download the official Airtender® app which contains all of the user instructions as well as a trouble shooting wizard for the Aquasensor.

The app will also let you achieve maximum creative results and unlock exclusive Airtender® content.

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Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, we have listed the most frequently asked questions and best answers.

What is Airtender®?

Airtender® is the world’s first source of powered air for kitchen & bar. This smart vacuum & air appliance generates powerful negative or positive air pressure at the touch of a button.When this controlled airstream is connected to the Airtender® accessories, the possibilities are endless. Aerate wine to perfection in just seconds. Inject meat with marinade. Infuse cupcakes with liquids. Vacuum marinate meat, fish and vegetables. And so much more. Maximum taste, all reached with powered air from Airtender®.

Combine the Airtender® with the Nanostopper® system and the world of taste meets the world of sustainability. The Nanostopper® is the world’s smallest and most versatile vacuum stopper. It is so small that it fits beneath wine bottle’s screw cap and generates a 100% seal so you can store your bottle horizontally while under vacuum.

But it can do so much more. Use the same Nanostopper® to convert any zip bag into a vacuum saving, marinating and sous vide solution. Or use it to convert any metal lid food jar into a vacuum saving container. No more plastic containers, no excess packaging, no more expensive sous vide bags. Minimum waste, all with Airtender® and Nanostopper®.

Airtender® is compatible with premium brand vacuum accessories, Nanostopper® is compatible with premium vacuum hand pumps.

Is the airtender a professional or consumer device?

The answer is both. The Airtender® is a high performance vacuum and air appliance for anyone, personal or professional, who wants to achieve next level flavor while striving for maximum sustainability.

The Airtender® is for wine lovers, (aspiring) chefs, foodies, cocktail enthusiasts, health freaks, home entertainers, etc.

Basically, if you love food and the planet, you’ll love the Airtender®.

How does the Airtender® work?

The Airtender® works with cutting edge, patent pending air conversion technology.

By combining a high performance pump with a clever manifold system, The Airtender® is capable of reversing the airstream to either generate a powerful vacuum or impressive positive pressure on demand.

Do I really need the Airtender® app to use the device?

The Airtender® can be operated as a stand-alone appliance, meaning that the Air and Vacuum modes can be controlled via the device interface. You do not need the app to select Air or Vacuum modes, set power levels or start/stop the device. However, you do need the app to be able to create custom programs.

More importantly, the app is required to reset the device in case the Aquasensor is activated. Without the in-app Aquasensor wizard, the Airtender® will not be able to resume operation. This is a feature that has been developed to ensure that your Airtender® will always function at peak performance.

What is Nanostopper® and does it only work with Airtender®?

The Nanostopper® is the next generation vacuum stopper for wine bottles… and food jars. With the Nanostopper® you can extract the oxygen out of a wine bottle. As a result, you will preserve its freshness and aromas. Nowadays, the majority of wine bottles have screw caps. The Nanostopper® size allows you to screw the top back onto the bottle. This results in a perfect seal and makes it possible to safely store your wine bottles horizontally.

Furthermore, you can convert any food jar with a metal lid into a vacuum storage container. With the included punch, any airtight lid can be converted to accommodate the Nanostopper®. Always have the exact size container at hand, at a fraction of the cost of a plastic container. The Nanostopper® helps you to reduce food waste by keeping food fresh and eliminates the need for excess (plastic) packaging.

It even works without the Airtender®, since the Nanostopper® is compatible with premium hand operated vacuum pumps. In short, the Nanostopper® is the perfect and cost effective solution to enjoy great flavors, while minimizing food and packaging waste.


Download the quick start guides for the Airtender and the original Airtender accessories via the links below:

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