Bundle Pack

Bundle Pack

€ 69.85 

All Nanostopper® sets in one bundle!

With this value bundle, you'll instantly have everything you'll need to create vacuum in bottles, jars and bags.

Buy this bundle and you'll be able to:

  • Punch holes in jar lids for a Nanostopper® and make any jar a vacuum saving container
  • Use the Bag Adapter to convert any airtight (freezer) ziplock bag into a vacuum bag for (freezer) storage, marinating, portioning and sous vide cooking.
  • Store wine and other liquids under vacuum in bottles to preserve flavor and freshness. Ideal for screw cap bottles: a 100% seal allows you to store screw cap bottles horizontally while under vacuum!
  • Make any vacuum pump compatible with Nanostopper®, using the Universal Pump Adapter

In total, the Nanostopper Bundle Pack contains 16 stoppers.

Good for people, the environment... and your wallet!

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