Extra Stoppers

€ 19.95 

With this pack, you'll expand your stopper collection with 12 Nanostoppers®. These stoppers are universal and compatible with any Nanostopper® Starter Set.

The Nanostopper® is the world's smallest and most versatile vacuum stopper.*

It's so small, that it fits under a wine bottle's screw cap. This results in a 100% leak proof seal, which makes it possible to store screw cap wine bottles horizontally, while under vacuum.

But the Nanostopper® can do much more. With the special punching tool, you can convert any airtight food jar into a vacuum saving container. No more need for expensive and bulky plastic containers. Always have exactly the size of storage you need. 100% reusable and durable.

Or use the same stoppers to make a vacuum bag from any airtight food bag. Suitable for saving, marinating, deep freezing. Ideal for sous vide cooking. The Nanostopper® even works with reusable silicone zip bags.

Reduce food waste, plastic and packaging material, all with Nanostopper®!

Minimum waste, maximum taste.

*This pack contains stoppers only. Accessories needed for use with jars and bags are sold in the Nanostopper® Starter Sets for jars and bags.

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