Grand Master Pack

Grand Master Pack

€ 549 
€ 449 

Buy the Airtender together with the complete Nanostopper Value Bundle XL for bottles, jars, bags and get great value. Enjoy all of the Airtender’s creative power AND save your food and drinks up to 5x longer. 

Airtender® is the must-have for every gastronomy lover, both for preparing and storing the most beautiful creations! Join Michelin star chefs, renowned sommeliers and bartenders and get started with the Airtender!

Airtender® introduces air pressure for kitchen and bar. Besides water and fire, the element "air" also offers endless possibilities for our food and drinks.

With negative air pressure (vacuum) we can store our food and drinks for up to 5x longer. The Airtender® vacuum seals every vacuum container, bottle, food jar or bag quickly and effortlessly. Use the Universal Vacuum Adapter with any brand vacuum container or bottlestopper, or simply convert any glass food jar into a vacuum storage container!

However, positive air pressure (compression) offers even more creative freedom to improve both the quality and taste of our food. The possibilities are truly endless. Connect an Airtender® accessory and aerate wine, marinate meat, prepare cocktails at lightning speed, vacuum 'next level' and so much more.

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This Airtender Master Pack contains the Airtender and:

  • The Universal Vacuum Adapter, for use with all brands of vacuum stoppers and containers in the world.
  • The Precision Aerator, to aerate your wine to perfection, create layered cocktails and culinary foams
  • The Fluid Injector, to inject marinade into meat, fish, poultry or vegetables, and to fill baked goods with liquids
  • 3x Nanostopper® for vacuum saving with bottles and jars
  • The Nanostopper® Lid Punch, for transforming every canister into a vacuum storage container.
  • The Nanostopper® Bag Adapter, to convert any airtight food storage bag into a vacuum bag for (freezer) storage, portioning, marinating and sous vide cooking
  • The Fluid Buffer, for the collection of liquids during vacuuming and marinating.
  • The Nanostopper® Bundle Pack, for wine preserving, vacuum storage in any jar and marinating or sous vide cooking in any zip bag
  • Access to the free Airtender® app, which allows you to store your own programs and settings, provide inspiration and information, and control the Airtender® via Bluetooth.
  • AC Adapter with switchable plug connectors
  • Quick start guides
  • Extra Injector needle for thick liquids
  • Wall mount
  • Airtender materials: Cast metal Housing, Hardened glass control surface, engineering plastics 
  • Bluetooth connectivity: version 5.2
  • Airtender voltage: 100-240V
  • Maximum power consumption: 30W
  • Installation: Standalone or with mounting bracket (included)
  • Limited warranty Airtender : 2 Years
  • Manufactured in: EU