Nanostopper for Bottles

Nanostopper for Bottles

€ 14.95 

Keep your wine and other beverages fresh and perfectly flavoured after opening. Store vacuum sealed wine bottles with screw cap horizontally. All with the revolutionary Nanostopper®

Nanostopper® is the next generation vacuum stopper. With Nanostopper®, you can remove the oxygen from a bottle. This will slow down the oxidation process and keep contents fresh, full of flavor and extend their shelf life.

Nowadays many wine bottles have a screw cap. Because the Nanostopper® is so small, the screw cap can be screwed back onto the bottle after vacuuming. This creates a 100% leak-free seal and the bottles can be stored horizontally in the (refrigeration) cabinet or climate cabinet. Of course, the Nanostopper®.

With Nanostopper®, you can open several bottles of wine without without worrying about deterioration. Pair wine perfectly with every dish, or always serve your guests - or yourself! - exactly the wine you prefer. Professional wine by-the-glass in your home!

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