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Taste the magic of air, with the first source of vacuum & air pressure for kitchen, bar and table. ‍

Aerate wine, mix cocktails, marinate food & so much more: Airtender will change the way you create & experience taste. ‍

Because it isn't just air, it's magic.

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Our Ambassadors

Robert Schinkel

Cocktail expert, Tea expert and Hospitality consultant. Known for his innovating recipes, both with and without alcohol, and his skill to create signature drinks for persons, occasions or organizations.

Lars Vierhout

Pastry Chef & Food Designer. With a sweet tooth and passion for product development, he is contracted by restaurants & food brands to explore and create exciting new flavors.

Bernd Schneider

International wine merchant, entrepreneur and inventor. Combining his creative spirit with his passion for wine and food, Bernd pioneered the world of vacuum saving when he invented the world famous Wine Saver.

Coming Soon...

Stay tuned, because there is some exciting news coming! We will soon be announcing our latest official cooperation with top-level culinary masters.


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