About us

We’re a team of food enthusiasts, wine lovers, and inventors who love cooking as well as the science behind it.

At our headquarters in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, we combine our passion for innovation and product development with our love for good food and social experiences. All of our professional knowledge & experience in the field of air pressure technology was combined when we founded Airtender.

Our goal: to give the element "air" its rightful place in the kitchen and bar.

Just like the elements "earth" (ingredients), "fire" (heat sources) and water, air plays a vital role in the creation and preservation of flavors in food and drinks. However, that important element can not be accessed and used to its fullest potential. Until now. With Airtender, air and vacuum is available to you instantly, to let you prepare, save and enjoy like you have never before.

A new world of flavor and creativity has been opened up for the food and drink enthusiast. We’re continuously developing new techniques, and expanding the applications of air. Developing new recipes, to help you create enjoy as you never have before. Together with chefs, sommeliers & bartenders who use the power of air to create magic every day. Now it's time for you to join the movement.


Watch the video below to get to know us a bit better:

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