Filling & Infusing bakes

Get delicious liquids and fillings in any cake or baked product, you can enrich them with liquids such as syrups, juices, sauces and liquors.

Injecting is the most efficient way to add flavor and moist to food. Are you ready to create spectacular new flavors and getting them deep into your baking creations?

Use the power of air with the Airtender® Fluid Injector to suck up any liquid and inject it exactly where you want it.


Step 1

Create your filling of liquids from scratch, or use store bought if you prefer.

Keep in mind that the fluids have to pass through the needle. If you go for a thick filling, choose the bigger needle. If you go for infusing, use the thin needle.


Step 2

Attach the appropriate thickness of needle of the Fluid Injector and connect it to the Airtender®.


Step 3

Pick the right mode on the Airtender®. For filling set it to AIR mode 4 and for infusing to AIR mode 2and activate.

The Fluid Injector will not start until you take the next step.


Step 4

Use the control valve on top of the Fluid Injector to control it. 

To suck up marinade: close the valve with your finger or thumb before inserting the needle into the filling or fluid. Keep it closed and dip into the filling or fluid, then take your finger off the valve and the chamber will fill with the filling or fluid.


Step 5

If you are filling your ingredient: aim for the centre and inject in one go. If you are infusing, we recommend spreading the liquid by infusing in multiple places.

Insert the needle into your cake or baked product, preferably at an angle. Now close the control valve again to inject the filling or liquid.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are finished.

Baking Fluid Injector

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