How long and how do you keep the best wine?

A vacuum stopper keeps your wine nice and fresh for a long time. So you can enjoy wine by the glass. Discover the best way to store different types of wine!

What oxygen does to the shelf life of wine

An opened bottle of wine quickly loses its taste and cannot be kept for long. It's a shame when you consider that no less than 120 litres of water are needed for every glass of wine.
Wine spoils and loses its aromas and taste through oxygen. By oxidation, the lively character disappears and you can throw away the bottle. 

Due to the oxidation process, white wine develops a dull, apple cider-like taste and becomes more brownish in colour. Red wine flattens and dries out, leading to a bitter taste. A little air can still improve a very young red wine, which we also call 'decanting'.
These wines are so dense in structure that 1-2 hours of exposure to oxygen makes them more open and pleasant to drink. But in the end, the same goes for young wines: oxidation and a good bottle of wine do not go together.


The solution: A vacuum wine stopper

Vacuuming a wine bottle immediately after opening reduces the oxidation process. Vacuum considerably slows down the oxidation process and ensures that you can enjoy a bottle of wine for as long as possible. In this way you get exactly the wine you feel like at that moment. Immediately after opening, extract as much oxygen as possible from the bottle using a vacuum pump, and store the bottle up to five times longer.

Hold account with temperature and light

In addition to the timely vacuuming of the bottle, the right temperature and light are also important factors for the optimal preservation of flavour. Never store a wine at or above 21°C and avoid direct sunlight. A good solution for this is a climate cabinet. If you don't have it at your disposal, storage in the fridge also works, even for red wines. Make sure that the red wine has been brought back to room temperature before serving.

Nowadays we see more and more wines with a screw cap. This can easily be turned over the Nanostopper. This provides a safe and 100% airtight way to store the bottle lying down. This way you can easily decorate the refrigerator or climate box with different wines. 


Sensitive wines

Some wines are more sensitive to oxidation than others. Therefore, pay extra attention to vacuuming and protecting against too high temperatures and light in the following wines:

  • Pinot Noir: One of the most sensitive red wines when exposed to oxygen
  • Wines older than eight years
  • Organic wine or sulphite-free wine
  • Light coloured red wines, including Grenache, Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Nebbiolo

Getting started with vacuuming wine

Do you want to get started right away? The Nanostopper® Starter Set for 6 bottles is directly available in our webshop. Free shipping within the Netherlands!

Saving Vacuum Wine

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