Delicious sangria

The sun is coming out again! Time for sangria!

Because there are not many alcoholic drinks that have a more summery character than sangria. The combination of red wine, fresh fruit and a little extra alcoholic kick is always a hit at barbecues and parties, but also great to enjoy by yourself or as a couple. Weather or no weather! The only drawback: for a really good Sangria, you need some time. Or not...

Sangría By The Glass

Vacuum Infusion

The secret of a really good Sangria is not only the combination of ingredients, but also the complete absorption of all flavours in both the drink and the fresh fruit. And for that - unfortunately - one last ingredient is needed: time. For a good Sangría, you should take at least 2 hours for the flavours to settle.

Wel, not necessarily. 

There is an easy way to speed up the infusion process: vacuum! This way, you won't need hours to get a tasty drink, but the whole process will be a matter of minutes. An additional advantage: you don't have to make a whole jug or a big bowl right away (but you can, of course). You can enjoy "vacuum infused" Sangria on your own or in pairs. It really is Sangria By The Glass!


Take one or more empty canning jars or Mason jars of the size you need and use the Nanostopper® to make a hole in the lid. hole punch to make a hole in the lid. Get the Nanostoppers you need ready. For your convenience, we have shown you how in the instructional video.

TIP: You can also use the jars to serve the drinks in!

Basic recipe 


  • Firm fruit (apples/apricots, oranges & lemon)

  • Red wine (e.g. Grenache or Pinot Noir)

  • Brandy (Ratio of 1:10 with the wine)

  • Sparkling water or lemonade (if you like bubbles)

Preparation for 1 person

Cut the fruit into wedges and mix the red wine and brandy in a jar. Use the Nanostopper® with your vacuum pump to vacuum and leave to stand. After 5-10 minutes you can serve the cocktail immediately!

TIP: Would you like something sweeter? Then you can also add a little maple syrup, for example.

Preparation of larger quantities

When you want to make a pitcher or a large bowl of Sangría, you use the vacuum infusion method to make a "starter". Follow the same instructions as for 1 person, but use a larger jar and/or increase the proportion of brandy in the mix.

After the 10 minutes under vacuum, you can top up the concentrated starter in the jug or bowl with wine and the sparkling water or lemonade.

Lovely for a summer's evening... Or when you miss that summer feeling :)

A delicious sangria somebody?

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