The glass is always greener

Saskia thought she was doing just about everything to reduce food waste. Until she discovered the Food & Wine Vacuum Pack

Why would you want to vacuum seal food?

“I’ve become very adept at properly storing food to prevent food waste. But I wasn’t very familiar with vacuum sealing. Strange, because it has been used in professional kitchens for ages.

Vacuum sealing removes oxygen, which slows down growth of many fungi and bacteria, so your food will stay fresh and last longer. And that’s important, because food waste is a big problem!

Why is food waste such a big problem?

“Food waste occurs throughout the entire chain: during production, transport, in supermarkets, the catering industry, but mainly in people’s homes. For example, it has been calculated that an average person wastes 34 kg of food and 45 litres of drinks per year. What a waste! Especially since groceries have become considerably more expensive and this is expected to continue

for some time to come. Enough reason to do everything you can to reduce waste at home, by keeping food fresh and tasty.

And you can now do that without any plastic containers. I simply take my Airtender set and any old glass jar and create my own vacuum container.

Easy, sustainable and economical!"

Who is Saskia Sampimon-Versneij?

Saskia is a Dutch sustainability expert and founder of, the online lifestyle magazine and Instagram community for people who want to live a more sustainable life. What once started as a personal quest for a more conscious life has grown into a serious lifestyle for her entire family.

‘‘Our old glass jars take on a useful new role in the kitchen and the food stays fresh for so much longer’’


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